Biochemical Confirmatory Test Stains and Reagents

Remel™ 12.5% Gelatin Reagent (Thermo Scientific™)

The Thermo Scientific™ Remel 12.5% Gelatin Reagent, Acidified Mercuric Chloride is for detection of gelatinase activity of microorganisms.

Remel™ Voges-Proskauer B Test (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Voges-Proskauer B is for detection of acetylmethylcarbinol from glucose fermentation.

Remel™ BactiDrop™ Oxidase (Thermo Scientific™)

Remel BactiDrop Oxidase is used for detection of the presence of oxidase enzyme.

Remel™ Gram Safranin (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Gram Safranin is a counterstain used in Gram stain procedures.

Remel™ BactiDrop Acridine Orange (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel BactiDrop Acridine Orange is a fluorescent stain for detecting bacteria in body fluids.

Remel™ BactiDrop Lactophenol Aniline Blue (Thermo Scientific™)

Remel BactiDrop Lactophenol Aniline Blue is for staining fungal elements.

Remel™ Kovacs Indole Reagent (Thermo Scientific™)

Use for determination of the ability of microorganisms, primarily Enterobacteriaceae, to split indole from the tryptophan molecule.

Remel™ Oxalic Acid (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Oxalic Acid is for digestion and decontamination procedures for AFB cultures.

Remel™ Mineral Oil (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Mineral Oil is for biochemical test procedures requiring oil overlay.

Remel™ BactiDrop™ PYR (Thermo Scientific™)

Remel BactiDrop PYR is for rapid, presumptive identification of group A streptococci and enterococci.

Remel™ Gram Stain Kit, 4 x 250 mL bottles (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Remel Gram Stain Kit is for qualitative procedures to differentiate gram-positive from gram-negative microorganisms.

Remel™ BactiDrop Calcofluor White (Thermo Scientific™)

A fluorescent stain for fungi, Microsporidium, Acanthamoeba, and Pneumocystis.

Remel™ BactiDrop™ Lugol's Iodine (Thermo Scientific™)

Remel BactiDrop Lugol's Iodine is for trichrome stain procedures.

Remel™ TB Base Digestant (Thermo Scientific™)

The Thermo Scientific™ Remel TB Base Digestant is for digestion and decontamination procedures for AFB cultures.

Remel™ Ninhydrin Reagent (Thermo Scientific™)

For detection of sodium hippurate hydrolysis by beta-hemolytic streptococci, G. vaginalis, and C. jejuni.