F-G3 Fixed-Angle Rotor (Thermo Scientific™)

Integrate the Thermo Scientific™ F-G3 Fixed-Angle Rotor with the Thermo Scientific™ CL10 centrifuge.

Sorvall™ Legend™ 23R Microplate Rotor (Thermo Scientific™)

Support six microplates or two deepwell blocks with this rotor.

AM 100.13 Fixed-Angle Rotor (Thermo Scientific™)

Process samples effectively at 13,000rpm with the Thermo Scientific™ AM 100.13 Fixed-Angle Rotor.

Sorvall™ High Performance Centrifuge Bottle (Thermo Scientific™)

Designed for superspeed and large capacity centrifuge performance up to 20,584 x g, this high-performance one liter centrifuge bottle boosts productivity.

Sorvall™ High Performance Aluminum Cap for 1L Centrifuge Bottle (Thermo Scientific™)

Achieve performance up to 20,584 x g with this high performance aluminum cap for 1-liter centrifuge bottles, designed for superspeed and large capacity centrifuges.

AM 10.17 Sealable Angle Rotor (Thermo Scientific™)

Process samples utilizing the 10-place capacity of the Thermo Scientific™ AM 10.17 Sealable Angle Rotor.

Sorvall™ Legend™ 23R Fixed Angle Rotors (Thermo Scientific™)

Effectively utilize these rotors for high-volume processing due to their 30 to 600mL capacities.

AM 2.23 Unsealed Fixed-Angle Rotor (Thermo Scientific™)

Process samples effectively at 23,000rpm with the Thermo Scientific™ AM 2.23 Unsealed Fixed-Angle Rotor.

TX-100 Swinging Bucket Clinical Rotor (Thermo Scientific™)

Efficiently process up to 16 x 5/7mL blood collection tubes per run.

4 x 180mL Swinging Bucket Rotor (Thermo Scientific™)

Incorporate the Thermo Scientific™ 4 × 180mL Swinging Bucket Rotor with Sorvall™ Stratos™ rotors and adapters.

SWM 180.5 Swinging Bucket Rotor (Thermo Scientific™)

Use SWM 180.5 Swinging-Bucket Rotor with MR23i Rotors.

4 x 50mL Fixed Angle Rotor Package (Thermo Scientific™)

Integrate 50mL and 15 mL conical tubes with the Thermo Scientific™ 4 x 50mL Fixed-Angle Rotor Package.

236 Aerocarrier Rotor (Thermo Scientific™)

Combine Thermo Scientific™ 236 Aerocarrier Rotor with CL2 rotors.

Medilite™ Fixed Angle Rotors (Thermo Scientific™)

Safely process samples with these 6- and 12-place Thermo Scientific™ Medilite Fixed-Angle Rotors, compatible with the Medilite centrifuge.

80 x 1.5/2mL Drum Rotor (Thermo Scientific™)

Reduce braking and acceleration times with the Thermo Scientific™ 80 × 1.5/2mL Drum Rotor, suitable for high capacities of up to 80 microlitre tubes.