Clinical Chemistry Controls

MAS™ Serum Tox Control Set (Thermo Scientific™)

Monitor assay conditions in the semi-quantitative measurement of Benzodiazepine and Barbiturates in human serum and plasma, and TCA in human serum, plasma and urine.

MAS™ Bilirubin Controls (Thermo Scientific™)

Monitor the performance of total, conjugated, unconjugated and neonatal Bilirubin with tri-level, assayed MAS Bilirubin Controls.

MAS™ CardioImmune™ XL Controls (Thermo Scientific™)

Monitor serum cardiac marker test methods with ready-to-use, liquid assayed multi-analyte Thermo Scientific™ MAS™ CardioImmune™ XL Controls.

MAS™ Alcohol and Ammonia Controls (Thermo Scientific™)

Monitor alcohol and/or ammonia in human serum with bi-level, assayed liquid MAS Alcohol and Ammonia Controls.

MAS™ Sentry Urinalysis Controls (Thermo Scientific™)

Verify the performance of various hCG test kits with Thermo Scientific™ MAS™ Sentry Urinalysis Controls.

MAS™ Cerebrospinal Fluid Control (Thermo Scientific™)

Monitor the performance of quantitative and manual chemical analysis of human cerebrospinal fluid with Thermo Scientific™ MAS™ Cerebrospinal Fluid Control.

MAS™ Urinalysis Controls (Thermo Scientific™)

Combine dipstick methods and microscopic components with bi-level, liquid assayed MAS Urinalysis Controls, assayed for most reagent strips and strip systems.

NERL™ HEMA-Trol™ Whole Blood HGB Controls (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure accurate test results on HemoCue™ B-Hemoglobin and Hb 201+ photometers with Thermo Scientific™ NERL™ HEMA-TROL™ Whole Blood HGB Controls.

MAS™ chemTRAK™ H General Chemistry Controls (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure accurate results in general chemistry and TDM methods with comprehensive, multi-analyte Thermo Scientific™ MAS™ chemTRAK™ H General Chemistry Controls.

MAS™ UrichemTRAK Controls (Thermo Scientific™)

Monitor the most commonly tested urine chemistry analytes with liquid, assayed Thermo Scientific™ MAS™ UrichemTRAK Controls, available in a convenient vial format

MAS™ Liquimmune™ Immunoassay Controls (Thermo Scientific™)

Get relief from time consuming and costly QC standard lot changes for up to 5 years with ready-to-use, liquid assayed Thermo Scientific™ MAS™ Liquimmune™ Immunoassay Controls.