Gas Generating Systems

Oxoid™ AnaeroGen™ Compact Sealing Clip (Thermo Scientific™)

Use with AnaeroGen Compact No. AN0010C; Compact Plastic Pouch, No. AG0020C; Compact Sachet, No. AN0020D; Thermo Scientific™ CampyGen™ Compact Sachet, No. CN0020C.

AnaeroPouch™-MicroAero Gas Generator (Thermo Scientific™)

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPouch-MicroAero is used for cultivation of microaerophilic microorganisms w/o water.

RT Anaero-Indicator (Thermo Scientific™)

Mitsubishi™ RT Anaero-Indicator is a single-use disposable means of detecting an anaerobic atmosphere.

Oxoid™ AnaeroJar™ Clip (Thermo Scientific™)

Oxoid AnaeroJar Clip has two self-venting clips.

Oxoid™ AnaeroGen™ 2.5L Sachet (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid AnaeroGen 2.5L Sachets are anaerobic gas generating sachets for use with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid 2.5L jar, Part No. AG0025A (not included).

AnaeroPack™-CO2 Generator (Thermo Scientific™)

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack-CO2 is used for cultivation of CO2 dependent microorganisms

Oxoid™ AnaeroJar™ Plate Carrier (Thermo Scientific™)

The Oxoid AnaeroJar Plate Carrier is for use with AnaeroJar 2.5L, Part No. AG0025A.

AnaeroPack™-Anaero Anaerobic Gas Generator (Thermo Scientific™)

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack-Anaero is used for cultivation of anaerobic microorganisms without the addition of water or use of a catalyst.

Oxoid™ AnaeroJar™ 2.5L (Thermo Scientific™)

Oxoid AnaeroJar 2.5L Jar comes complete with 2.5L capacity polycarbonate jar base and lid secured to base by four self-venting clips.

AnaeroPack™ Rectangular Jar Silicon Seal (Thermo Scientific™)

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack Rectangular Jar Silicon Seal is a replacement part for anaerobic jar.

Oxoid™ CO2Gen™ Compact Sachet (Thermo Scientific™)

Oxoid CO2 Gen Compact Sachet is for use in Compact Plastic Pouch.

AnaeroPack™ 2.5L Rectangular Jar (Thermo Scientific™)

Mitsubishi™ AnaeroPack 2.5L Rectangular Jar is an anaerobic jar with easy-close lid.

Oxoid™ Anaerobic Polycarbonate Jar (Thermo Scientific™)

Oxoid Anaerobic Polycarbonate Jar (base only) is for use with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid 3.5L Anaerobic Jars, Part No. HP0011A, HP0031A.

Oxoid™ CampyGen™ 3.5L Sachet (Thermo Scientific™)

Produce suitable gaseous atmosphere for growth of microaerophilic microorganisms with the Oxoid CampyGen 3.5L Sachet.

Oxoid™ AnaeroJar™ Handle (Thermo Scientific™)

Oxoid AnaeroJar Handle is for use with AnaeroJar 2.5L, Part No. AG0025A.