HPLC Column Compartment Parts and Accessories

UltiMate™ TCC-3000RS/SD Biocompatible Valve Pods (Thermo Scientific™)

Switch between multiple columns in an TCC-3000RS/SD LC column compartment with UltiMate 3000 TCC-3000RS/SD Biocompatible Valve Pods.

UltiMate™ TCC-3000RS/SD SST Valve Pods (Thermo Scientific™)

Choose TCC-3000RS/SD SST Valve Pods for Two-Position HP Valves for use with the TCC-3000RS/SD Thermostatted Column Compartment.

UltiMate™ ACC-3000T Column Clips (Thermo Scientific™)

Select the correct clips to mount multiple columns inside the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ UltiMate™ 3000T Column Compartment based on column OD.

UltiMate™ TCC-3000RS/SD Valve Drives (Actuators) (Thermo Scientific™)

Support a typical configuration for a Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ UltiMate™ 3000 LC System TCC-3000RS/SD thermostatted column compartment with UltiMate TCC-3000RS/SD Valve Drives.

UltiMate™ ACC-3000T Postcolumn Cooler (Thermo Scientific™)

Minimize noise and drift in high temperature chromatography applications.

UltiMate™ ACC-3000T Front Cover for UltiMate ACC-3000T Column Compartment (Thermo Scientific™)

View the configuration of your column compartment without opening it.

UltiMate™ ACC-3000T Precolumn Heaters (Thermo Scientific™)

Reduce your run time with efficient precolumn heating for high temperature chromatography.

UltiMate™ TCC-3000 Eluent Preheater (Thermo Scientific™)

Maintain your eluent at a precise temperature for high temperature chromatography.