Large Central System Accessories and Consumables

Large Reverse Osmosis Filter Inserts (Thermo Scientific™)

Protect large reverse osmosis systems from undissolved substances in water by using these large RO system filter insets.

Barnstead™ Water System Cartridges (Thermo Scientific™)

Maintain your Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ point of use water purification system with these replacement cartridges.

Back-flushable Filters (Thermo Scientific™)

Protect large reverse osmosis and large reverse osmosis EDI systems from undissolved susbtances in the feed water.

Activated Self Reflushing Carbon Filters (Thermo Scientific™)

For de-chlorination and removal of organic substances of water, use Thermo Scientific™ Activated Self Reflushing Carbon Filters.

Storage Tanks for Large Reverse Osmosis Systems (Thermo Scientific™)

Customize each RO system to meet your specific needs with this variety of storage tanks, a required accessory for Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Cabinet Softening System WAE (Thermo Scientific™)

Extend the life of reverse osmosis membranes. Single softening cabinet systems have time control and are specially designed for discontinuous use.

Double Softening System WMS (Thermo Scientific™)

Monitor total water processed using the electronic volume control featured in this double softening system.


Double Softening System WAT (Thermo Scientific™)

For continuous production of softened water, this system includes a hardness sensor control that automatically regenerates resin once hardness is detected.