MagMAX Express-96 & PrepSEQ Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagents

PrepSEQ™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit for Food and Environmental Testing (Applied Biosystems™)

The PrepSEQ® Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit produces high-quality bacterial DNA samples for PCR-based detection from a wide range of food and environmental samples. The quantity and quality of the DNA can greatly impact the success of the sample analysis process and the overall quality of the final result. Food and environmental samples can be challenging to process because they often contain PCR inhibitors. For laboratories looking to achieve better real-time PCR results and improve overall efficiency, the PrepSEQ™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit meets these needs.

Automated Sample Preparation for PCR-Based Assays
• Extract high-quality bacterial DNA
• Process a wide range of food and environmental samples
• Fast time-to-results
• Prepare hundreds of samples per shift per instrument

High-Throughput Food and Environmental Sample Preparation
PCR-based bacterial assays have become an important tool in food safety and environmental testing. The Applied Biosystems PrepSEQ™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit prepares high-quality bacterial DNA from food and environmental samples for PCR-based testing using magnetic bead-based extraction. In combination with the automated MagMAX™ Express-96 Deep Well Magnetic Particle Processor, this optimized solution enables laboratories to prepare a wide range of sample types at rates of up to hundreds of samples per eight-hour shift.

Streamlined Workflow
An easy-to-use, easy-to-learn protocol simplifies integration of the PrepSEQ™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit into the laboratory workflow. The same protocol can be used on a wide range of sample types, and the MagMAX™ Express-96 instrument automates many of the workflow steps to reduce hands-on time.

A Complete Solution
The PrepSEQ™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit is part of a fully integrated, start-to-finish solution for food and environmental testing. The kit has been performance-verified for food and environmental testing with MicroSEQ® Microbial Detection Kits, the Applied Biosystems® 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System, and RapidFinder™ Express Software.

For research use only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.

Magnetic-Ring Stand (96 well) (Invitrogen™)

The Ambion® 96-well Magnetic-Ring Stand is designed for paramagnetic bead precipitation from standard 96-well U-bottom microplates. The stand has a plastic base in a standard SBS 96-well microtiter plate footprint. The use of 96 extremely strong permanent magnetic rings enables fast and easy magnetic separation. With this magnetic stand, paramagnetic beads in a U-bottom plate will pellet in a donut shape ~ 6 mm in diameter, which enables easy removal of supernatant by a robot or with a multichannel pipettor. It sits flat on a lab bench, as well as in a microtiter plate adapter on robotic workstations.

Lysis Buffer 1 + RNase for Food ID

This convenient packaging of Lysis Buffer 1 + RNase for Food ID is recommended for use with the PrepSEQ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit (Cat. No. 4480466) to prepare DNA for meat ID and GMO testing from food and feed samples. The protocol using Lysis Buffer 1 + RNase in conjunction with the PrepSEQ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit can be readily automated on the Thermo Scientific KingFisher mL Food Protection Purification System platform to reduce hands-on time and increase reproducibility of the DNA extraction procedure. The purified DNA can then be used in PCR or other molecular biology techniques, and is well-suited for use with the following food and feed testing kits:

NameCatalog Number
TaqMan GMO Screening Kit4466334
TaqMan Roundup Ready Soya Quantification Kit4466335
TaqMan GMO Maize Quantification Kit4481972
RapidFinder Beef ID KitA24391
RapidFinder Pork ID KitA24392
RapidFinder Equine ID KitA15570
RapidFinder Poultry ID KitA24397
RapidFinder Chicken ID KitA24393
RapidFinder Turkey ID KitA24394
RapidFinder Ruminent ID KitA24396