Manual Pipetting Systems

Finnpipette™ F2 GLP Kits (Thermo Scientific™)

Access everything needed for pipetting in these all-inclusive kits, feature high-performance Finnpipette F2 pipetters which offer maximized reliability and comfort.

Finnpipette™ F2 Fixed Volume Single-Channel Pipettes (Thermo Scientific™)

Pipette for long periods of time with less discomfort using Thermo Scientific™ Finpipette™ F2 Fixed-Volume Pipettes, one of the lightest pipettes available.

Finnpipette™ F2 Variable Volume Single-Channel Pipettes (Thermo Scientific™)

Eliminate the possible effects of hand warmth on the accuracy of measurements with these pipettes, which feature a thermally-isolated AVG mechanism.

Finnpipette™ F2 Multichannel Pipettes (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure accuracy and precision as a result of the Advanced Volume Gearing mechanism (AVG), a self-supporting modular volume adjustment mechanism that optimizes performance.

Finnpipette™ F1 Fixed Volume Single-Channel Pipettes (Thermo Scientific™)

Protect samples from contamination with this manual pipette, featuring an adjustable finger rest and antimicrobial surface.

F1-ClipTip™ Fixed Volume Single Channel Pipettes (Thermo Scientific™)

Streamline daily pipetting with innovative ClipTip interlocking technology, which ensures a complete seal on every channel with minimal tip attachment and ejection force.