Microtome Blades

Shandon™ Stainless-Steel Microtome Knives (Thermo Scientific™)

Use Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Microtome Knives, featuring a round-back design that is ideal for cryostats.

Shandon™ Microtome Knives (Thermo Scientific™)

Assure performance through multiple tests with Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Microtome Knives.

Adamas Blades for Disposable Magnetic Blade Carriers (Thermo Scientific™)

Extensive quality control produces industry leading bioactivity and lot-to-lot consistency that instills confidence in results and ensures reproducibility.

Shandon™ Premium and Standard High-Profile Disposable Blades (Thermo Scientific™)

Choose between heavy-duty and PTFE-coated styles of Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Premium and Standard High-Profile Disposable Blades.

Edge-Rite™ Disposable Microtome Blades (Thermo Scientific™)

Experience consistent quality from blade to blade and sample to sample with Thermo Scientific™ Edge-Rite™ Disposable Microtome Blades.

Shandon™ Standard Microtome Knives (Thermo Scientific™)

Cut with Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Standard Microtome Knives, which are thoroughly tempered and individually tested for hardness.

MX35 Premier Disposable Low-Profile Microtome Blades (Thermo Scientific™)

Section hard tissues and high-quality thin sections with high-performance Thermo Scientific™ MX35 Premier Disposable Low-Profile Microtome Blades.

HP35 Disposable Microtome Blades (Thermo Scientific™)

Use Thermo Scientific™ HP35 Disposable Microtome Blades for routine applications with a high proportion of harder tissue.