HM 325 Rotary Microtome (Thermo Scientific™)

Cut high-quality paraffin sections without a power supply with the robust Thermo Scientific™ HM 325 Rotary Microtome.

HM 430 Sliding Microtome (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure fast, comfortable, and nontiring operation with the automatic or manual fine sectioning abilities of the Thermo Scientific™ HM 430 Sliding Microtome.

HM 355S Automatic Microtome (Thermo Scientific™)

Section even the largest specimens with unmatched quality by using the Thermo Scientific™ HM 355S Automatic Microtome.

HM 340E Electronic Rotary Microtome (Thermo Scientific™)

Designed for precision and stability which yields quality ribbons even for difficult to cut paraffin sections, the Thermo Scientific™ HM 340E Electronic Microtome is an ergonomically designed, electronic rotary microtome with stepping-motor advance technology for precision and stability to provide superior sectioning results.

HM 450 Sliding Microtome (Thermo Scientific™)

Section paraffin and frozen sections in biological, botanical, and materials science applications with the Thermo Scientific™ HM 450 Sliding Microtome.