Rheometer Accessories

Temperature Control Modules for the HAAKE™ MARS Rheometer (Thermo Scientific™)

For Thermo Scientific™ Rheometers a sophisticated portfolio of temperature modules is available - covering a broad temperature range.

Controlled Test Chamber (CTC) and Related Accessories for the HAAKE™ MARS™ Rheometers (Thermo Scientific™)

The Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ MARS™ rheometer features a Controlled Test Chamber (CTC) that guarantees a sample's reliable and accurate temperature during the rheological measurement.

RheoScope Module for the HAAKE™ MARS™ Rheometer (Thermo Scientific™)

Speed formulation development, process optimization and product processability through combined rheological measurement and optical analysis

Rheonaut Module for HAAKE™ MARS™ Rheometers (Thermo Scientific™)

Simultaneous rheometry and FTIR measurements all you to monitor structure development during reactive processing of a sample and detect interactions.