SPE Manifolds

HyperSep™ Glass Block Vacuum Manifolds (Thermo Scientific™)

16- and 24-port vacuum manifolds speeds up sample processing; glass block design allows visible inspection of the extraction process and simplifies cleaning.

HyperSep™ Positive Pressure Manifold (Thermo Scientific™)

Improve productivity of solid phase extraction (SPE) sample preparation. Use this manifold to simultaneously process up to 48 samples.

HyperSep™ Vacuum Manifolds, for HyperSep 96-Well Plates (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ Vacuum Manifolds are designed for use with HyperSep SPE columns and HyperSep-96 well plates.

HyperSep™ Universal Vacuum Manifold, Gauge and Waste Base (Thermo Scientific™)

Use this simple vacuum manifold for solid phase extraction (SPE) in 96 well plates.

HyperSep™ Universal Vacuum Manifold (Thermo Scientific™)

Use this flexible vacuum manifold to process samples using both solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges and 96 well plates.