Sample Collection and Storage Tubes

Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Open-Top Storage Tubes (Thermo Scientific™)

Store and track sample material in Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Clear Polypropylene Open-Top Storage Tubes.

Sterilin™ Borosilicate Glass Culture Tubes (Thermo Scientific™)

Rely on chemical and temperature resistant borosilicate glass culture tubes in your tough applications. Available with flat or round bottom, threaded to accept a screw cap.

Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Clear Polypropylene Open-Top Storage Tubes with Installed DuraSeal Septum Seal (Thermo Scientific™)

Store, track and access samples with ease with Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Clear Open-Top Storage Tubes with DuraSeal Septum installed.

Sterilin™ Round Base Rimless Borosilicate Glass Rimless Tubes (Thermo Scientific™)

Trust these round-base borosilicate glass tubes in high temperature, aggressive chemical applications. Ideal for use with samples that are sensitive to plastic tube leachables.

Sterilin™ Round Base Soda Glass Tubes (Thermo Scientific™)

Rely on these round base glass tubes for excellent chemical resistance for samples to 2mL or 4mL. Test tube profile for streamlined handling and excellent mixing capability.

Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Glass Storage Tubes, Matrix 1.0 mL, 2D barcoded, glass, 5 Latch Racks of 96 tubes/case (Thermo Scientific™)

Guarantee reliability in lab applications with these 2D barcoded glass tubes in a safe ANSI-footprint latch rack.

Sterilin™ Plastic Round Base Tubes (Thermo Scientific™)

Avoid the hazards of glass with this safe, convenient alternative. Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Plastic Round Base Tubes are manufactured from virgin polystyrene.

Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Low Volume ScrewTop Storage Tubes (Thermo Scientific™)

Maximize storage capacity with the space-saving Thermo Scientific™ Matrix 2D Barcoded Low Volume ScrewTop Storage Tubes, the solution for secure sample storage.

Sterilin™ 1.5mL Microcentrifuge Tubes, 11mm (Thermo Scientific™)

Experience high performance with Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ 1.5mL Microcentrifuge Tubes. Robust polypropylene construction enables tubes to withstand speeds to 20,000 x g.

Sterilin™ Scintillation Vial (Thermo Scientific™)

Get accurate results in liquid scintillation counting and beta/gamma counting with Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Scintillation Vials. The quarter-turn cap ensures reliable sample storage.

Sterilin™ Tubes with Screw Cap (Thermo Scientific™)

Hold samples ranging from 5 to 10mL in these tubes with screw caps. Available in chemically resistant polypropylene or virgin polystyrene with a polyethylene screw cap.

Sterilin™ Caps for Glass Tubes (Thermo Scientific™)

Secure your samples with these autoclavable screw-thread caps for glass tubes.

Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Open-Top Storage Tubes in 384-Tube Format (Thermo Scientific™)

Maximize your storage capacity with our higher-density 384 storage tube format.