Stirring Hot Plates

Cimarec+™ Stirring Hotplates Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Get precise stirring control, exceptional safety and temperature performance for your routine protocols.

RT Elite Stirring Hotplate Kits (Thermo Scientific™)

Monitor the temperature of your sample, bath or heating block while heating with RT Elite Stirring Hotplate Kits, which offer simple operation and integrated safety controls.

SuperNuova+™ Stirring Hotplates Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Get reliable performance, dependable safety and simple operation.

Super-Nuova™ Multi-Position Digital Stirring Hotplates (Thermo Scientific™)

Perform life science and biotechnology applications with the help of these digital stirring hotplates, which offer four independently-controlled stirring positions.

Cimarec™ Basic Stirring Hotplates (Thermo Scientific™)

Combine performance and economy with the sleek, rugged design of these basic stirring hotplates, ideal for general-purpose stirring at speeds up to 2500rpm.

RT2 Advanced Hotplate Stirrer (Thermo Scientific™)

Experience precision with our low-profile digital display hotplate stirrer, equipped with PT100 sensor for precise temperature measurements for sensitive experimental procedures.

RT2 Basic Hotplate Stirrer (Thermo Scientific™)

Rely on the accuracy of our low-profile analog hotplate stirrer for your routine applications.