Tube Handling Capping & Sealing Equipment

SampleSeal™ Heat Sealer (Thermo Scientific™)

Seal and individualize 384-format 2D-barcoded storage tubes in a single process using the Thermo Scientific™ SampleSeal™ Heat Sealer.

8-Channel Screw Cap Decapper (Thermo Scientific™)

Process a full rack of Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ or Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ tubes in less than one minute with this ergonomic, manual capper/decapper.

Capit-All™ Screw Cap Tube Capper/Decapper (Thermo Scientific™)

Maintain sample integrity with a hands-free method of capping and decapping tubes quickly and easily.

Decappers 500/550, 12-Channel (Thermo Scientific™)

Automated decapping and capping of Thermo Scientific™ screw top tubes in ANSI racks with Quick Switch Technology for medium to high throughput laboratories.