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Different modulation by dietary restriction of adipokine expression in white adipose tissue sites in the rat Citations & References

  • Authors: Romero, MD; Fernandez-Lopez, JA; Esteve, M; Alemany, M
  • Journal: Cardiovascular Diabetology

BAC library development for allotetraploid Leymus (Triticeae) wildryes enable comparative genetic analysis of lax-barrenstalk1 orthogene sequences and growth habit QTLs Citations & References

  • Authors: Larson, SR; Scheuring, C; Kaur, P; Cliften, PF; Mott, IW; Bushman, BS; Dong, JJ; Zhang, Y; Zhang, XJ; Kiani, M; Wu, YH; Liu, YH; Zhang, HB; Chatterton, NJ; Wang, RRC
  • Journal: Plant Science

Loss of Programmed cell death 4 (Pdcd4) associates with the progression of ovarian cancer Citations & References

  • Authors: Wei, N; Liu, SS; Leung, THY; Tam, KF; Liao, XY; Cheung, ANY; Chan, KKL; Ngan, HYS
  • Journal: Molecular Cancer

Adiponectin and Adiponectin Receptors in Human Pheochromocytoma Citations & References

  • Authors: Isobe, K; Fu, L; Tatsuno, I; Takahashi, H; Nissato, S; Hara, H; Yashiro, T; Suzukawa, K; Takekoshi, K; Shimano, H; Kawakami, Y
  • Journal: Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis

Calcium waves in agarose gel with cell organelles: implications of the velocity curvature relationship. Citations & References

  • Authors: Wussling MH, Krannich K, Drygalla V, Podhaisky H
  • Journal: Biophys J
  • PubMed ID: 11371442

Drosophila convoluted/dALS Is an Essential Gene Required for Tracheal Tube Morphogenesis and Apical Matrix Organization Citations & References

  • Authors: Swanson, LE; Yu, M; Nelson, KS; Laprise, P; Tepass, U; Beitel, GJ
  • Journal: Genetics

Essential validation of gene trap mouse ES cell lines: a test case with the gene Ttrap Citations & References

  • Authors: Vermeire, L; Ibrahimi, A; Voet, T; Umans, L; Coddens, K; Francis, A; Van De Putte, T; Van Grunsven, LA; Zwijsen, A; Huylebroeck, D; Nelles, L
  • Journal: International Journal of Developmental Biology

Foliar spray of a cell wall protein fraction from the biocontrol agent Pythium oligandrum induces defence-related genes and increases resistance against Cercospora leaf spot in sugar beet Citations & References

  • Authors: Takenaka, S; Tamagake, H
  • Journal: Journal of General Plant Pathology

CHIT1 and AMCase expression in human gastric mucosa: correlation with inflammation and Helicobacter pylori infection Citations & References

  • Authors: Cozzarini, E; Bellin, M; Norberto, L; Polese, L; Musumeci, S; Lanfranchi, G; Paoletti, MG
  • Journal: European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Bcl-G, a novel pro-apoptotic member of the Bcl-2 family. Citations & References

  • Authors: Guo B, Godzik A, Reed JC
  • Journal: J Biol Chem
  • PubMed ID: 11054413

Genomic Analysis of the Function of the Transcription Factor gata3 during Development of the Mammalian Inner Ear Citations & References

  • Authors: Milo, M; Cacciabue-Rivolta, D; Kneebone, A; Van Doorninck, H; Johnson, C; Lawoko-Kerali, G; Niranjan, M; Rivolta, M; Holley, M
  • Journal: Plos One
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Nucleotide identity and variability among different Pakistani hepatitis C virus isolates Citations & References

  • Authors: Idrees, M; Butt, S; Awan, Z; Aftab, M; Khubaib, B; Rehman, IU; Akram, M; Manzoor, S; Akbar, H; Rafiqe, S; Riazuddin, S
  • Journal: Virology Journal

The Amoebal MAP Kinase Response to Legionella pneumophila Is Regulated by DupA Citations & References

  • Authors: Li, ZR; Dugan, AS; Bloomfield, G; Skelton, J; Ivens, A; Losick, V; Isberg, RR
  • Journal: Cell Host & Microbe

Goltz-Gorlin (focal dermal hypoplasia) and the microphthalmia with linear skin defects (MLS) syndrome: no evidence of genetic overlap Citations & References

  • Authors: Harmsen, MB; Azzarello-Burri, S; Gonzalez, MMG; Gillessen-Kaesbach, G; Meinecke, P; Mueller, D; Rauch, A; Rossier, E; Seemanova, E; Spaich, C; Steiner, B; Wieczorek, D; Zenker, M; Kutsche, K

Association of the DTNBP1 genotype with cognition and personality traits in healthy subjects Citations & References

  • Authors: Kircher, T; Markov, V; Krug, A; Eggermann, T; Zerres, K; Noethen, MM; Skowronek, MH; Rietschel, M
  • Journal: Psychological Medicine
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