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Electroporation of adherent cells in situ for the introduction of nonpermeant molecules. Citations & References

  • Authors: Raptis LH, Firth KL, Brownell HL, Todd A, Simon WC, Bennett BM, MacKenzie LW, Zannis-Hadjopoulos M
  • Journal: Methods Mol Biol (1995) 48:93-113
  • PubMed ID: 8528412
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Applications of electroporation of adherent cells in situ, on a partly conductive slide. Citations & References

  • Authors: Raptis LH, Brownell HL, Liu SK, Firth KL, MacKenzie LW, Stiles CD, Alberta JA
  • Journal: Mol Biotechnol (1995) 4:129-138
  • PubMed ID: 8556428
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