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Positive selection near an inversion breakpoint on the neo-X chromosome of Drosophila americana. Citations & References

  • Authors: Evans AL; Mena PA; McAllister BF
  • Journal: Genetics

Hepatocyte growth factor receptor signaling mediates the anti-fibrotic action of 9-cis-retinoic acid in glomerular mesangial cells. Citations & References

  • Authors: Wen X; Li Y; Hu K; Dai C; Liu Y
  • Journal: The American Journal of Pathology

Methionine sulfoxide reductase from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Thermococcus kodakaraensis, an enzyme designed to function at suboptimal growth temperatures. Citations & References

  • Authors: Fukushima E; Shinka Y; Fukui T; Atomi H; Imanaka T
  • Journal: Journal of Bacteriology

Protist homologs of the meiotic Spo11 gene and topoisomerase VI reveal an evolutionary history of gene duplication and lineage-specific loss. Citations & References

  • Authors: Malik SB; Ramesh MA; Hulstrand AM; Logsdon JM Jr
  • Journal: Molecular Biology and Evolution

Mucosa-associated bacterial diversity in relation to human terminal ileum and colonic biopsy samples. Citations & References

  • Authors: Ahmed S; Macfarlane GT; Fite A; McBain AJ; Gilbert P; Macfarlane S
  • Journal: Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Novel TRIM5 isoforms expressed by Macaca nemestrina. Citations & References

  • Authors: Brennan G; Kozyrev Y; Kodama T; Hu SL
  • Journal: Journal of Virology

Activity of a potent hepatitis C virus polymerase inhibitor in the chimpanzee model. Citations & References

  • Authors: Chen CM; He Y; Lu L; Lim HB; Tripathi RL; Middleton T; Hernandez LE; Beno DW; Long MA; Kati WM; Bosse TD; Larson DP; Wagner R; Lanford RE; Kohlbrenner WE; Kempf DJ; Pilot-Matias TJ; Molla A
  • Journal: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

Severe developmental delay and epilepsy in a Japanese patient with severe congenital neutropenia due to HAX1 deficiency. Citations & References

  • Authors: Matsubara K; Imai K; Okada S; Miki M; Ishikawa N; Tsumura M; Kato T; Ohara O; Nonoyama S; Kobayashi M
  • Journal: Haematologica

Insight into the haem d1 biosynthesis pathway in heliobacteria through bioinformatics analysis. Citations & References

  • Authors: Xiong J; Bauer CE; Pancholy A
  • Journal: Microbiology (Reading, England)

Characterization of AtALMT1 expression in aluminum-inducible malate release and its role for rhizotoxic stress tolerance in Arabidopsis. Citations & References

  • Authors: Kobayashi Y; Hoekenga OA; Itoh H; Nakashima M; Saito S; Shaff JE; Maron LG; Pineros MA; Kochian LV; Koyama H
  • Journal: Plant Physiology

Flt3-dependent transformation by inactivating c-Cbl mutations in AML. Citations & References

  • Authors: Sargin B; Choudhary C; Crosetto N; Schmidt MH; Grundler R; Rensinghoff M; Thiessen C; Tickenbrock L; Schwable J; Brandts C; August B; Koschmieder S; Bandi SR; Duyster J; Berdel WE; Muller-Tidow C; Dikic I; Serve H
  • Journal: Blood

Diversity and function of Chloroflexus-like bacteria in a hypersaline microbial mat: phylogenetic characterization and impact on aerobic respiration. Citations & References

  • Authors: Bachar A; Omoregie E; de Wit R; Jonkers HM
  • Journal: Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Highly conserved configuration of catalytic amino acid residues among calicivirus-encoded proteases. Citations & References

  • Authors: Oka T; Yamamoto M; Yokoyama M; Ogawa S; Hansman GS; Katayama K; Miyashita K; Takagi H; Tohya Y; Sato H; Takeda N
  • Journal: Journal of Virology

DLA-DRB1, DQA1, and DQB1 alleles and haplotypes in North American Gray Wolves. Citations & References

  • Authors: Kennedy LJ; Angles JM; Barnes A; Carmichael LE; Radford AD; Ollier WE; Happ GM
  • Journal: The Journal of Heredity

Agrobacterium tumefaciens fur has important physiological roles in iron and manganese homeostasis, the oxidative stress response, and full virulence. Citations & References

  • Authors: Kitphati W; Ngok-Ngam P; Suwanmaneerat S; Sukchawalit R; Mongkolsuk S
  • Journal: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
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