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Mass spectrometric characterization of the oxidation of the fluorescent lipid peroxidation reporter molecule C11-BODIPY(581/591). Citations & References

  • Authors: Drummen GP, Gadella BM, Post JA, Brouwers JF
  • Journal: Free Radic Biol Med (2004) 36:1635-1644
  • PubMed ID: 15182863
Catalog # D3861

Nitroxidation, nitration, and oxidation of a BODIPY fluorophore by RNOS and ROS. Citations & References

  • Authors: Nicolescu AC, Li Q, Brown L, Thatcher GR
  • Journal: Nitric Oxide (2006) 15:163-176
  • PubMed ID: 16549377
Catalog # D3861