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Citations & References

Multiple zinc binding sites in retinal rod cGMP phosphodiesterase, PDE6alpha beta.

  • Authors: He F, Seryshev AB, Cowan CW, Wensel TG
  • Journal: J Biol Chem (2000) 275:20572-20577
  • PubMed ID: 10787404
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  • F1200
  • F6799
  • C3047(Discontinued)
  • T1210(Discontinued)

Citations & References

STIM1 gates the store-operated calcium channel ORAI1 in vitro.

  • Authors: Zhou Y, Meraner P, Kwon HT, Machnes D, Oh-hora M, Zimmer J, Huang Y, Stura A, Rao A, Hogan PG,
  • Journal: Nat Struct Mol Biol (2010) 17:112-116
  • PubMed ID: 20037597