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A FRET-based method to study protein thiol oxidation in histological preparations. Citations & References

  • Authors: Mastroberardino PG, Orr AL, Hu X, Na HM, Greenamyre JT,
  • Journal: Free Radic Biol Med (2008) 45:971-981
  • PubMed ID: 18620047
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Spatial orientation of mitochondrial processing peptidase and a preprotein revealed by fluorescence resonance energy transfer. Citations & References

  • Authors: Nishino TG, Kitano K, Kojima K, Ogishima T, Ito A, Kitada S,
  • Journal: J Biochem (2007) 141:889-895
  • PubMed ID: 17426154
Catalog # D346

Quantification of Protein-Lipid Selectivity using FRET: Application to the M13 Major Coat Protein. Citations & References

  • Authors: Fernandes F, Loura LM, Koehorst R, Spruijt RB, Hemminga MA, Fedorov A, Prieto M,
  • Journal: Biophys J (2004) 87:344-352
  • PubMed ID: 15240469
Catalog # D404(Discontinued)