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Application Note: High Resolution Accurate Mass Measurementsand Metabolite Identification: An AutomatedApproach Using Fragment Prediction in Combination with Fragment Ion Search (FISh) Product Literature

Application Note: Quantitative Analysis of Carbonyl-DNPH Derivatives by UHPLC/UV Product Literature

Application Note: Increased Speed and Sample Throughput of Opioid Analysis from Human Urine Using Micro-Elution Solid Phase Extraction Product Literature

Application Note: EPA Method 543 - Quantitation of Organic Pesticides in Drinking Water Using Online Pre-concentration/Solid Phase Extraction and Tandem Mass Spectrometry Product Literature

Application Note: Targeted and Nontargeted MS Analysis of Contaminants in Storm Water Retention Ponds Product Literature

Application Note: Analysis of Nineteen Explosives Using a Hypersil GOLD aQ HPLC Column Product Literature

Technical Guide: Hypersil Gold HPLC Columns – Unleach the Productivity of your HPLC Product Literature

Hypersil GOLD HPLC Columns Phase Overview Product Literature

Hypersil GOLD HPLC Columns – Outstanding Peak Shape for Your Separations Product Literature

Technical Note: Selectivity Choices in Reversed-Phase Fast LC Product Literature

Technical Note: Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography: Some Aspects of Solvent and Column Selectivity Product Literature

2019/2021 Chromatography Consumables Catalog - Liquid Chromatography Product Literature