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Datasheet: Abgene 96 Well Microplates and Deepwell Plates Product Literature

Thermo Scientifi c Abgene 96 Well Microplates and Deepwell Plates Product Literature

How does cell culturing on Nunc 384-Well Microplates that have a cell culture-treated surface compare with 96-Well Microplates that have a cell culture-treated surface? Product FAQ


The cell culture-treated surfaces are very similar but the wells of the Nunc 384-Well Microplates are smaller than the wells of the Nunc 96-Well Microplate.
Culture recommendations for the Nunc 384-Well Microplates are:
- 15 - 50 µL media per well
- 0.5 - 2.0 x 10^4 cells per well

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Optimization of a bulk reagent liquid handler for low volume dispensing Product Literature

What is the useful lifespan of the Xenon Flash lamp in the Varioskan LUX Multimode Microplate Reader? Product FAQ


Typically, the lifespan is 10E9 flashes. This is equivalent to reading about 1 million 96-well microplates using 100ms measurement time per well.

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What vacuum device can I use with Nunc 96 Deep Well Filter Plates? Product FAQ


Any vacuum manifold (for 96-well microplates) with an inside depth of 4 cm or more should be fine.

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Evaluation of high-throughput screening for in vitro micronucleus test using fluorescence-based cell imaging. Citations & References

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Catalog # H32712

Detection of residual donor leucocytes in leucoreduced red blood cell components using a fluorescence microplate assay. Citations & References

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Catalog #

A one-step fluorometric method for the continuous measurement of monoamine oxidase activity. Citations & References

  • Authors: Zhou M, Panchuk-Voloshina N
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Catalog #

A rapid and sensitive fluorometric screening assay using YO-PRO-1 to quantify tumour cell invasion through Matrigel. Citations & References

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Catalog # Y3603

Rapid fluorescence-based measurement of neutrophil migration in vitro. Citations & References

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In vitro discrimination of fluoroquinolones toxicity on tendon cells: involvement of oxidative stress. Citations & References

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Development, characterization, and validation of a sensitive primate-specific quantification assay for forensic analysis. Citations & References

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