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CCL17 Synthetic Peptide (Invitrogen™)

Human TARC Synthetic Peptide for BLOCK, Ctrl

TARC Antibody (14HCLC), ABfinity™ Rabbit Oligoclonal (Invitrogen™)

TARC Oligoclonal Antibody for Western Blot

TARC Human ELISA Kit (Invitrogen™)


TARC Antibody (B22H33L5), ABfinity™ Rabbit Monoclonal (Invitrogen™)

TARC Monoclonal Antibody for Western Blot, IHC (P)

TARC Recombinant Human Protein (Gibco™)

Recombinant TARC is a bioactive protein intended for use in cell culture applications. TARC displays chemotactic activity for T lymphocytes, but not monocytes or granulocytes. TARC binds to chemokine receptors CCR4 and CCR8. This chemokine plays important roles in T cell development in thymus as well as in trafficking and activation of mature T cells.

TARC Mouse ELISA Kit (Invitrogen™)

TARC (CCL17) Mouse ELISA Kit for ELISA

TARC Polyclonal Antibody (Invitrogen™)

TARC Polyclonal Antibody for Western Blot, IF, ICC, IHC