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Vybrant Cell Metabolic Assay Kit

Version: 11-02-2001
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What is the absorbance/emission of the reaction product from the Vybrant Cell Metabolic Assay Kit?


The absorbance/emission is 563/587 nm.

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Chemical Structure

Vybrant® Cell Metabolic Assay Kit

COMPONENT A: C<sub>12</sub>-resazurin
Molecular Formula: C24H31NO4
Molecular Weight: 397.51
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COMPONENT C: resorufin, sodium salt
Molecular Formula: C12H6NNaO3
Molecular Weight: 235.17
CAS Name/Number: 3H-Phenoxazin-3-one, 7-hydroxy-, sodium salt / 635-78-9
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Spectra Data


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  • R1159
  • V23110
  • V23111
  • R1147(Discontinued)
  • R352(Discontinued)
  • R363(Discontinued)
  • R441(Discontinued)

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