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What are the benefits of POROS chromatography resins in a manufacturing process? Product FAQ


Increased titers and product demand have caused substantial bottlenecks in downstream processing for a range of biomolecules. POROS chromatography resins address these challenges with solutions that help maintain performance and add process flexibility. Due to the polymeric nature of the backbone and the way we attach the ligands, the beads have very robust physical and chemical stability. This allows for aggressive solutions to be used, if needed, to improve cleanability and thereby increase resin lifetime/reuse. Our ion exchange resins are the go-to resins in downstream monoclonal antibody and recombinant protein chromatography where capacity, resolution, and yield are critical. We are also working on a new line of hydrophobic interaction resins that may be of interest for future projects that will be a best-in-class product for capacity and resolution with an added benefit of being able to load under lower salt concentrations and faster flow rates. We are also a strong partner when it comes to quality and supply of our products.

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Existence of acyl-CoA hydrolase-mediated pathway supplying arachidonic acid for prostaglandin synthesis in microsomes from rabbit kidney medulla. Citations & References

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The Interplay of Proton, Electron, and Metabolite Supply for Photosynthetic H2 Production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Citations & References

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Use of high performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry for the analysis of ceramide-1-phosphate levels. Citations & References

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Purification and Mechanism of Human Aldehyde Oxidase Expressed in Escherichia coli Citations & References

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Comprehensive flavonol profiling and transcriptome coexpression analysis leading to decoding gene-metabolite correlations in Arabidopsis. Citations & References

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Starch serves as carbohydrate storage in nematode-induced syncytia. Citations & References

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Nanoparticle uptake by the rat gastrointestinal mucosa: quantitation and particle size dependency. Citations & References

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Myofibroblastic differentiation leads to hyaluronan accumulation through reduced hyaluronan turnover. Citations & References

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Catalog #
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Aldose reductase inhibitor counteracts the attenuated adhesion of human corneal epithelial cells induced by high glucose through modulation of MMP-10 expression Citations & References

  • Authors: Tomomatsu, T; Takamura, Y; Kubo, E; Akagi, Y

Dihydrofolate reductase deficiency due to a homozygous DHFR mutation causes megaloblastic anemia and cerebral folate deficiency leading to severe neurologic disease. Citations & References

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CFTR Expression in human neutrophils and the phagolysosomal chlorination defect in cystic fibrosis. Citations & References

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