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What is different between the QuantStudio 1, 3, 5 and the interchangeable block system (QuantStudio 6 Pro, 6 Flex, 7 Pro and 7 Flex) instruments? Product FAQ


The QuantStudio 1, 3, and 5 instruments take up lesser space on the lab bench and come with one fixed block configuration. The interchangeable block systems (QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro and the QuantStudio 6 and 7 Flex instruments) have a larger footprint but also have additional features and benefits. See more information at The QuantStudio 1 instrument is an affordable instrument that offers the most essential features for qPCR analysis: 3 color detection and the most commonly used 96-well, 0.2 mL block. It offers the capability to have Wi-Fi connection and use of the instrument with guest, user, and administrator accounts.

The main factors to consider when selecting an instrument is the multiplex reaction capacity, i.e., number of colors detected, block format needed, and if the blocks need to be interchangeable. Please see the comparative table on page 36 in this brochure (

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