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Binary system for selective photoaffinity labeling of base excision repair DNA polymerases. Citations & References

  • Authors: Lavrik OI, Kolpashchikov DM, Prasad R, Sobol RW, Wilson SH
  • Journal: Nucleic Acids Res (2002) 30:e73-e73
  • PubMed ID: 12136121
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  • P130
  • A2522(Discontinued)

Evaluation of infection with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by using nonisotopic solution hybridization for detection of polymerase chain reaction-amplified proviral DNA. Citations & References

  • Authors: Coutlee F; Saint-Antoine P; Olivier C; Voyer H; Kessous-Elbaz A; Berrada F; Begin P; Giroux L; Viscidi R
  • Journal: Journal of Clinical Microbiology 1991 11:2461-2467
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User Guide: RapidFinder Turkey ID Kit Manual / Product Insert

  • Version: C.0
Catalog # A24394

User Guide: RapidFinder Halal ID Kit Manual / Product Insert

  • Version: A.0
Catalog # A47086

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Protocol: Fast SYBR® Green Master Mix (English ) Manual / Product Insert

  • Version: 19 Aug 2010
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Detection of DNA fragmentation and apoptotic proteins, and quantification of uncoupling protein expression by real-time RT-PCR in adipose tissue. Citations & References

  • Authors: Gullicksen PS; Dean RG; Baile CA
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Catalog: Shi Yan Ng - Aug 2020 - Singapore Product Literature

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