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Do you recommend a specific FBS for culturing 293A cells? Which plastic plates do you recommend? Product FAQ


We use mycoplasma-tested Gibco FBS (Cat. No. 16000-044) and use the following plasticware for 293A cells:

T175: Fisher Cat. No. 10-126-13; this is a Falcon flask with a 0.2 µm vented plug seal cap.

T75: Fisher Cat. No. 07-200-68; this is a Costar flask with a 0.2 µm vented seal cap.

100 mm plate: Fisher Cat. No. 08-772E; this is a Falcon tissue culture-treated polystyrene plate.

We get excellent adherence on these plates under routine cell culture/maintenance conditions (expect cell lysis in 293A cells when making adenovirus).

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