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Environmental Monitoring Solutions Brochure Product Literature

Remel Environmental Monitoring Media Product Literature

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SmartNote: Notes of Compliance - Environmental Monitoring Product Literature

Brochure: Environmental Monitoring in SampleManager LIMS Product Literature

Influences of TP53 expression on cellular radiation response and its relevance to diagnostic biodosimetry for mission environmental monitoring. Citations & References

  • Authors: Lu-Hesselmann J; van Beuningen D; Meineke V; Franke E
  • Journal: Radiation Protection Dosimetry

Brochure: Environmental Monitoring in SampleManager LIMS (Portuguese) Product Literature

Brochure: Environmental Monitoring in SampleManager LIMS (Russian) Product Literature

Is Gibco Certified Fetal Bovine Serum sterile? Product FAQ


Fetal bovine serum is triple filter sterilized using a 0.1 µm filter. All our Gibco cell culture liquid products are prepared by an aseptic process for which each step has been validated to ensure that all products meet the industry standard sterility assurance level of 10^-3; i.e., product that demonstrates a contamination level of no more than 1 of 1,000 units during the manufacturing process. The highest level of sterility assurance (equal to or greater than 10^-6) cannot be achieved without terminal sterilization which is harmful to the performance of cell culture products. Key points of control include validated sterilization cycles for all material with product contact, routine media fills employing bacteriological media, a comprehensive environmental monitoring program, validated cleaning procedures, and a validated final filter integrity testing program. Additionally, filtration and dispensing are performed within positive pressure, HEPA-filtered, environmentally controlled rooms.

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Sterility Testing Sell Sheet Product Literature

Triple Wrapped Irradiated Settling Plate PO5501B Product Literature

Triple Wrapped Irradiated Contact Plate PO5512D Product Literature

iQ Series Gas Analyzers Platform Overview Product Literature

USP Algorithms Brochure Product Literature

A reusable flow-through polymerase chain reaction instrument for the continuous monitoring of infectious biological agents. Citations & References

  • Authors: Belgrader P, Elkin CJ, Brown SB, Nasarabadi SN, Langlois RG, Milanovich FP, Colston BW, Marshall GD,
  • Journal: Anal Chem
  • PubMed ID: 14570196
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