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CB Omni Agile Online Elemental Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ CB Omni™ Agile Online Elemental Analyzer provides unprecedented configuration flexibility that provides options to suit various applications. CB Omni Agile offers not only enhanced configurability through its modern modular industrial design to suit your application, but a...

iCAP™ 7600 ICP-OES Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

For the most demanding trace elemental analyses, the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ 7600 ICP-OES delivers sample data efficiently and accurately for increased productivity. This powerful spectrometer combines exceptional performance with long-term stability and low gas consumption, producing...

Dionex™ ICS-6000 Standard Bore and Microbore HPIC™ Systems Thermo Scientific™

Get significant increases in resolution and throughput using the world's first modular ion chromatography (IC) system capable of operation up to 5000 psi. The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ ICS-6000 Standard Bore and Microbore System can operate continuously at up to 5000 psi when configured as a...

MicroSEQ™ E. coli O157:H7 Detection Starter Kit, with PrepSEQ™ Rapid Spin Sample Preparation Kit Applied Biosystems™

The MicroSEQ™ E. coli O157:H7 Detection Kit detects E. coli O157:H7 simply, reliably, and rapidly in food samples. The assay uses the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to amplify a unique microorganism-specific DNA target sequence and a TaqMan™ probe to detect the amplified sequence.

TaqPath™ COVID-19 Fast PCR Combo Kit 2.0 (EUA) Applied Biosystems™

The Applied Biosystems TaqPath COVID-19 Fast PCR Combo Kit 2.0 is a multiplexed, highly sensitive, fast RT‐PCR assay for the qualitative detection and characterization of SARS-CoV-2 RNA (N, ORF 1a, and ORF 1b genes) in saliva collected without preservatives in a sterile container under the...

ViiA™ 7 Real-Time PCR System with Fast 96-Well Block Applied Biosystems™

The ViiA™ 7 Real-Time PCR System combines all of the qPCR features you want in a single high performance instrument, so that you can optimize your research productivity. With a simplified workflow, intuitive software, touch-screen interface, and one-button protocols for error minimization, the ViiA™...

Dynabeads™ Protein A for Immunoprecipitation Invitrogen™

Dynabeads Protein A are uniform, 2.8 µm superparamagnetic beads with recombinant Protein A (∼45 kDa) covalently coupled to the surface. Dynabeads Protein A provide a superior alternative to Sepharose resin or agarose resin for immunoprecipitation (IP), and both manual and automated protocols are...

LIMS Solution for Environmental Laboratories Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ LIMS Solution for Environmental Laboratories is an essential tool for analyzing multiple analytes in complex matrices—whether it be soils, effluent, waste waters, rivers, estuarine water, air, emissions, or noise, and delivers user-friendly navigation and easily accessible...

Dynabeads™ Protein A Immunoprecipitation Kit Invitrogen™

The Dynabeads Protein A Immunoprecipitation Kit is a faster and easier solution for immunoprecipitation (IP) than using Sepharose resin or agarose resin, and includes all reagents and buffers required to perform IP using your own antibody.

Dynabeads™ His-Tag Isolation and Pulldown Invitrogen™

This product is designed for his-tagged protein isolation. High selectivity for poly-histidine tags results in extremely low background levels. The new bead surface chemistry is Cobalt-based and offers exceptionally fast binding kinetics and a high yield per microliter of beads.

PrepSEQ™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit for Food and Environmental Testing Applied Biosystems™

The PrepSEQ Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit produces high-quality bacterial DNA and viral RNA samples for PCR-based detection from a wide range of food and environmental samples. The quantity and quality of the nucleic acid can greatly impact the success of the sample analysis process and the overall...

Nautilus LIMS™ for Dynamic Discovery and R&D Environments Thermo Scientific™

To accelerate new discoveries and get products to market as quickly as possible, R&D and manufacturing labs have to reconfigure and change on the fly. Data management can’t be a bottleneck. Developed in partnership with customers in fast-paced R&D environments, the Thermo Scientific™ Nautilus LIMS™...

Exactive™ Plus Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Screen, identify and quantify compounds in complex samples rapidly and with confidence using the Thermo Scientific™ Exactive™ Plus Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer. This benchtop LC-MS system delivers high-resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) data and fast full-scan capabilities to increase your sample...

ARL™ SMS-3500 Automation for Twin OES or XRF Thermo Scientific™

Drive process control laboratory efficiencies in the metals and mining industries with the Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ SMS-3500 Automation for Twin OES or XRF, a complete laboratory workflow automation solution.

GENESYS™ 30 Visible Spectrophotometer Thermo Scientific™

Get high precision and functionality in a simple yet sophisticated visible spectrophotometer. The Thermo Scientific™ GENESYS™ 30 Visible Spectrophotometer performs both basic and complex analyses for educational or industrial use.
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