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General Purpose (GP) Series Combination Lab Refrigerator/Freezer (Thermo Scientific™)

Process high-quality routine laboratory applications securely with the Thermo Scientific™ General Purpose (GP) Series Combination Lab Refrigerator/Freezer.

ES Series Combination Lab Refrigerator/Freezer, 230V (Thermo Scientific™)

Use space in small work areas with the Thermo Scientific™ ES Series Combination Lab Refrigerator/Freezer, designed for routine sample protection.

ES Series FMS Combination Refrigerator/Freezers (Thermo Scientific™)

Reduce risk of explosion. These combination refrigerator/freezers are ideal for storage of potentially flammable material in general laboratory locations with limited space.

Value Refrigerator/Freezer (Thermo Scientific™)

Chill, freeze and retreive samples safely, simply and economically with the Thermo Scientific™ Value™ Refrigerator/Freezer.

Flammable-Materials Storage Refrigerator/Freezer (Thermo Scientific™)

Safely store volatile materials with this Flammable-Materials Storage Refrigerator/Freezer. Engineered with no internal electrical components which could trigger an explosion.

Jewett™ Dual-Temperature Refrigerator/Freezers (Thermo Scientific™)

Cool specimens in two separate compartments with these dual-temperature refrigerator/freezers, offering a high-performance and space-saving alternative for cold lab storage.