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LeukoLOCK™ Fractionation & Stabilization Kit with Manual

The Ambion™ LeukoLOCK™ Fractionation & Stabilization Kit is one of two kits that comprise the Total RNA Isolation System (patent pending), an innovative method for cellular fractionation of whole blood and total RNA stabilization and extraction from the leukocyte population.

StockMarks™ for Horse, Cattle and Dog Genotyping Kits User Protocol Applied Biosystems™

User Protocol for the following kits: StockMarks™ for Cattle Bovine Genotyping Kit, StockMarks™ for Horses Equine Genotyping Kit, and StockMarks™ for Dogs Canine Genotyping Kit. You can also download this protocol free at the following URL: http:⁄⁄⁄search.taf?

Smart-Vue™ Client Server Software Thermo Scientific™

Automate monitoring of vital laboratory equipment parameters with Thermo Scientific™ Smart-Vue™ Client Server Software. Find peace of mind knowing your work is fully monitored 24/7 with immediate notifications reaching you even when you are away from the lab.

3130 Series Training DVD Applied Biosystems™

The 3130 Series Training DVD covers instrument maintenance and software set up for Sequencing Analysis Software, GeneMapper™ Software and Seqscape™ Software. The 3130 Genetic Analyzer is the latest generation of 4-capillary electrophoresis instruments for the low to medium throughput laboratories.

CellsDirect Resuspension & Lysis Buffers includes 10 ml Resuspension Buffer & 1 ml Lysis Buffer Invitrogen™

These 2 buffers are to be used only as a complement to the SuperScript® III Platinum® CellsDirect Kits when large number of samples are processed. See manual of SuperScript® III Platinum® CellsDirect Kits for protocol recommendations.

SNaPshot™ Multiplex Kit, with protocol Applied Biosystems™

The SNaPshot™ Multiplex Kit is part of the SNaPshot™ Multiplex System. The SNaPshot™ Multiplex System primer extension-based method enables multiplexing up to 10 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

PrepFiler™ Forensic DNA Extraction Kit, updated Applied Biosystems™

The PrepFiler Forensic DNA Extraction Kit uses magnetic particles with an optimized multi-component surface chemistry to deliver superior DNA yield from most forensic sample types, including body fluids, and stains and swabs of body fluids.

FirstChoice™ RLM-RACE Kit with Manual Invitrogen™

The FirstChoice™ RLM-RACE Kit is designed to amplify cDNA only from full-length, capped mRNA, usually producing a single band after PCR. This kit is a major improvement over the basic rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) protocol.

Mouse RiboPure™-Blood RNA Isolation Kit with Manual Invitrogen™

For the purification of extremely high-quality total RNA (and optionally, microRNA) from mouse or rat blood in about 35 minutes. The Ambion™ kit includes sufficient reagents for 25 RNA purifications from whole blood samples ranging from 0.1–0.5 each.

siPORT™ NeoFX™ Transfection Agent with manual Invitrogen™

This Ambion™ lipid-based formulation can be used to efficiently transfect adherent cells with siRNA as they are subcultured—without increased cytotoxicity. It is provided in one tube containing 1 mL. • Versatile—works with a broad range of cell lines • Reproducible—produces consistent results,...

ChargeSwitch™ Forensic DNA Purification Kit Invitrogen™

Highest sensitivity for poor or environmentally degraded samples • Fully validated for forensic Single Tandem Repeat (STR) analysis • Optimized for rapid manual or fully automated sample processing The ChargeSwitch™ Forensic DNA Purification Kit affords the highest sensitivity and robustness.

ABI PRISM™ 7900HT Sequence Detection System User's Manual Applied Biosystems™

This is the User's Manual for the ABI PRISM™ 7900HT Sequence Detection System. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.

310 Genetic Analyzer Operator Training CD Applied Biosystems™

This is an operator Training CD for 310 Genetic Analyzer. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.

Pierce™ Protein A Plus Agarose Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ NAb™ Protein A Plus Spin Kits are convenient for rapid, small-scale affinity purification of antibodies from a variety of sample types. Each pre-filled microcentrifuge spin column of the immobilized protein resin enables quick purification of ≥34 mg of human IgG from 0.

Pluripotent Stem Cell (PSC) Gene Editing Demo Kit Gibco™

The Pluripotent Stem Cell (PSC) Gene Editing Demo Kit offers the critical reagents for successfully generating and detecting knock-outs and point mutations in your cell line of interest. • Reduce effort and cycle times • Generate pools with high editing efficiency (up to 80% KO and 40% HDR) •...
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