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What supplements should I use with Neurobasal® or Neurobasal®-A medium?


Neurobasal and Neurobasal-A media (for postnatal and adult neurons) allow for long-term maintenance of neuronal cells without the need for an astrocyte feeder layer. These media should be supplemented with either serum or a serum-free supplement, plus 0.5mM L-glutamine. B-27 supplement is a serum-free supplement that comes as a 50X concentrate in a 10ml volume. This is enough supplement for 500ml of media. Fetal, postnatal, and adult neural cultures can be grown in the appropriate Neurobasal medium supplemented with B-27 supplement .

We also have two other supplements. One is called G-5 and is for growth and expression of glial cells (normal and tumor) of astrocytic phenotype. This comes in a 1ml size, at a 100X concentration. The other supplement is called N-2 and is for growth and expression of post-mitotic neurons and tumor cells of neuronal phenotype. This comes in a 5ml size, at a 100X concentration.

For more information on Neurobasal media, search "Neurobasal" from our website home page.

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