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Adipose-Depleted Mammary Epithelial Cells and Organoids Citations & References

  • Authors: Rudolph, MC; Wellberg, EA; Anderson, SM
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My real-time PCR run stopped before it completed. What are the possible causes? Product FAQ


1) Power outage and/or power fluctuation. It is recommended that your instrument be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Several companies manufacture such systems for scientific equipment, and they are listed in FAQ Answer ID 1935.

2) Launching other programs, setting up another run or analyzing the data while a run is in progress. The real-time data collection consumes a large amount of hardware resources. Other applications may interfere with the run and disrupt data collection causing the software to crash.

3) Hard drive fragmentation. When the SDS and other programs run, many small program files are automatically generated and deleted in the hard drive, creating blank areas between files. This can slow down your system performance by as much as 50% since programs have to access more areas of the hard drive to run. It is recommended to defragment the hard drive once a month. Please see FAQ Answer ID 2713 for more information about how to defragment a hard drive.

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