Hollow Cathode Lamps for iCE™ 3000 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrometers Thermo Scientific™

For maximum flexibility from your Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3000 Series Atomic Absorption spectrometer, a huge range of pre-coded and un-coded Thermo Scientific™ Hollow Cathode Lamps are available, to handle your chosen elements for analysis. Whether you require a single dedicated element or a multi-element cathode lamp, there is a one to match your needs, whether coded or un-coded.

iCE™ 3300 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3300 AAS provides a complete elemental analysis solution incorporating simplicity and an innovative design to achieve superior performance. The iCE 3300 AAS makes even the most complicated analyses simple. The high precision, double beam optics provide unrivalled performance, unparalleled detection limits and exceptional optical stability. The innovative hardware design minimizes the footprint of the instrument and ensures that day-to-day analysis and maintenance is simple and minimal. Safety comes as standard with integrated hardware safety features and automatic MFC gas controls.

iCE™ 3400 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

If your laboratory routinely requires ultra-sensitive detection limits from furnace analysis, the Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3400 AAS is ideal. This dedicated single Graphite Furnace AAS with both Deuterium and Zeeman background correction offers superb performance and value for money.

Renowned Thermo Scientific™ SOLAAR™ software provides ultimate ease of use and analysis optimization; while our innovative Graphite Furnace Television (GFTV) gives a real time view of the cuvette as an aid to method development, ensuring accurate repeatable analysis.

iCE™ 3500 AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3500 AAS provides unrivalled performance, flexibility and simplicity. The innovative dual atomizer design enables safe, software-controlled switching between flame and furnace analysis with a single mirror movement. The high precision, double beam optics, combined with an Echelle monochromator produce low detection limits and long term analytical stability. Unique Quadline deuterium background correction with guaranteed performance is provided as standard. The flame atomizer design incorporates a 50 mm titanium burner with improved solids capability to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your flame analysis.The furnace atomizer includes GFTV, a furnace vision system which improves efficiency and simplifies method development by providing a high definition, real time video of the inside of the cuvette. 

CETAC™ Autosampler Sample Tube Racks Thermo Scientific™

Customize your Thermo Scientific™ CETAC™ Autosampler with a range of CETAC Autosampler Sample Tube Racks to suit your requirements.

CETAC™ Autosampler Polypropylene Tubes Thermo Scientific™

Choose the right tubes for your autosampler. Thermo Scientific™ CETAC™ Autosampler Polypropylene Tubes in a variety of different sizes to match your selected CETAC Autosampler rack.

STAT (Slotted Tube Atom Trap) Accessory for the iCE™ 3000 Series Flame AA Spectrometers Thermo Scientific™

Enhance the performance of the Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3000 Series Flame AA spectrometers with the Thermo Scientific™ STAT (Slotted Tube Atom Trap) Accessory.


By adding a STAT accessory to your Flame AAS instrument, precision is improved and interferences are minimized, as compared to conventional Flame AAS analysis.

VP100 Continuous Flow Vapor Generator Thermo Scientific™

Combine this fully-software-controlled system with our Atomic Absorption spectrometers for a fast, simple and cost effective way to reach lower detection limits for the Hydride group elements. The unique Thermo Scientific™ VP100 Continuous Flow Vapor Generator achieves superb detection limits for hydride and cold vapor forming elements including mercury and arsenic, with significant sensitivity improvement over normal flame and furnace AA techniques.

Sample and Reagent Cups for iCE™ 3000 Series AA systems Thermo Scientific™

Use Thermo Scientific™ Sample and Reagent Cups with Thermo Scientific™ ID100 and CETAC™ Autosamplers to ensure consistent sample presentation and complete sample pick-up. Select from polypropylene sample and reagent cups, PTFE sample cups and reduced volume sample cups.

GFS33 Graphite Furnace and Autosampler for iCE™ 3300 AA spectrometers Thermo Scientific™

Provide a combination of flame and furnace technology that offer users unparalleled AA instrument sensitivity and productivity with a single module, combined graphite furnace and autosampler. Using the Thermo Scientific™ GFS33 Graphite Furnace and Autosampler for iCE™ 3300 AA spectrometer gives flexibility and adaptability to the routine laboratory.

GFS35(Z) Graphite Furnace and Autosampler for iCE™ 3400 and iCE™ 3500 AA spectrometers Thermo Scientific™

High performance combined graphite furnace and autosampler module is designed to enable optimum performance when used with Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3400 and iCE™ 3500 AA spectrometers. The Thermo Scientific GFS35(Z) Graphite Furnace and Autosampler accessory offers the benefit of a pre-aligned graphite furnace and intelligent autosampler to simplify analysis and increase productivity.

EC100 Electrically Heated Cell System Thermo Scientific™

Switch from a flame-heated atomization cell to the Thermo Scientific™ EC100 Electrically Heated Cell System and gain the option of safe, unattended, high-sensitivity vapor generation Atomic Absorption analysis, plus the benefit of reduced operating costs.

ID100 Consumables Kit for iCE™ 3000 Series AAS instruments Thermo Scientific™

Get everything you need in one kit. The Thermo Scientific™ ID100 Consumables Kit for the Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3000 Series AAS instruments ensures quick and easy connectivity for the Thermo Scientific ID100 Flame Autodilutor. For fast, in-line dilution with high accuracy and reduced pump wear-and-tear, the ID100 Flame Autodilutor is an excellent add-on to the cost effective Thermo Scientific 3000 Series Flame AA spectrometers and the advanced Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ Q Series ICP-MS systems.

Graphite Contacts Cones for GFS33 or GFS35 Furnaces Thermo Scientific™

Designed for maximum ease of use, the high-performance combined Thermo Scientific™ Graphite Furnace and Autosampler modules (GFS33 and GFS35) for furnace Atomic Absorption analysis use a simple lever system to open and close the furnace head, for easy replacement of Thermo Scientific Graphite Contact Cones for Thermo Scientific GFS33 or GFS35 furnaces.

iCE™ 3000 Series Validation Packages Thermo Scientific™

Ensure your Thermo Scientific™ iCE™ 3000 Series AA spectrometer is perfectly calibrated and tested to factory standards with iCE 3000 Series Validator Packages, which provide all the necessary materials for complete instrument performance verification.