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AutoLys M Tubes and Caps Applied Biosystems™

AutoLys M Tubes are for the preparation of FFPE samples for nucleic acid extraction. They feature a novel tube-in-tube design that creates cleared lysates from FFPE tissue samples, without the need for deparaffinization or wash steps, while increasing DNA and RNA yields.

AutoLys M TubeLifter Applied Biosystems™

The AutoLys M TubeLifter enables a rack of 24 AutoLys M Tubes to be simultaneously “lifted” and readied for centrifugation. Once centrifugation is complete the rack of tubes is returned to the TubeLifter and the inner tube of each AutoLys M Tube is separated from the outer tube.

AutoLys M Tube Racks Applied Biosystems™

These AutoLys M Tube Racks hold 24 AutoLys M Tubes per rack. The racks are locked and unlocked using the AutoLys M TubeLifter.

AutoLys M Tube Locking Lid Applied Biosystems™

This is an extra locking lid for use with the AutoLys M Tube system. Note that two locking lids are included with the purchase of the AutoLys M TubeLifter. The locking lid is required to prevent the inner tube of the AutoLys M Tube from sliding into the outer tube during centrifugation.

AutoLys M Tube Pliers Applied Biosystems™

AutoLys M Tube Pliers can be used to separate the inner-tube from the outer-tube of AutoLys M Tubes. Centrifugation of the tubes in an AutoLys M Tube Rack is required when processing FFPE samples using the MagMAX FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit.