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AutoLys M Tubes and Caps (Applied Biosystems™)

AutoLys M Tubes are for the preparation of FFPE samples for nucleic acid extraction. They feature a novel tube-in-tube design that creates cleared lysates from FFPE tissue samples, without the need for deparaffinization or wash steps, while increasing DNA and RNA yields. Just add your FFPE sample to the tube, followed by protease buffer and enzyme from the MagMAX FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit. Once digestion is complete, lift the tubes from the AutoLys M Tube Rack using the AutoLys M TubeLifter or AutoLys M Tube Pliers and spin down the samples using a benchtop centrifuge with plate holder (SBS standard format). The FFPE-associated wax and debris are held in the upper chamber of the tube while the lysate passes through. Nucleic acids can then be purified from the clarified lysate using the MagMAX FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit.

Features of the AutoLys M Tube system include:
• FFPE sample lysis and nucleic acid separation from debris in a single tube
• 2-D barcode on bottom tube
• Elimination of use of organic solvents (xylene, CitriSolv) for deparaffinization and washes
• Reduced processing time
• Increased nucleic acid yield

The AutoLys M Tube system is a unique way to process your FFPE samples that will result in improved nucleic acid yields when used in conjunction with the MagMAX FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit, helping ensure the success of downstream assays and reducing the time to data analysis.

AutoLys M Tube Pliers (Applied Biosystems™)

AutoLys M Tube Pliers can be used to separate the inner-tube from the outer-tube of AutoLys M Tubes. Centrifugation of the tubes in an AutoLys M Tube Rack is required when processing FFPE samples using the MagMAX FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit. The outer-tube will contain the lysate that is processed further to recover the nucleic acids.

AutoLys M Tube Racks (Applied Biosystems™)

These AutoLys M Tube Racks hold 24 AutoLys M Tubes per rack. The racks are locked and unlocked using the AutoLys M TubeLifter.

AutoLys M Tube Locking Lid (Applied Biosystems™)

This is an extra locking lid for use with the AutoLys M Tube system. Note that two locking lids are included with the purchase of the AutoLys M TubeLifter. The locking lid is required to prevent the inner tube of the AutoLys M Tube from sliding into the outer tube during centrifugation.

AutoLys M TubeLifter (Applied Biosystems™)

The AutoLys M TubeLifter enables a rack of 24 AutoLys M Tubes to be simultaneously “lifted” and readied for centrifugation. Once centrifugation is complete the rack of tubes is returned to the TubeLifter and the inner tube of each AutoLys M Tube is separated from the outer tube. The outer tube contains the lysate that is processed further using the MagMAX FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit to recover the nucleic acids.