DRI™Serum Toxicology Benzodiazepine Assay Thermo Scientific™

Utilize Thermo Scientific™ DRI™ Serum Toxicology Benzodiazepine Assay in emergency room situations where urine samples are not conveniently available.

CEDIA™ Benzodiazepine Assays Thermo Scientific™

Utilize the globally valued, highly accurate, and precise Thermo Scientific™ CEDIA™ Benzodiazepine Assay for very stable shelf life and lot-to-lot dependability. Applications are available for an array of clinical chemistry analyzers. The β-Glucuronidase Enzyme, when used with this assay, offers enhanced sensitivity of parent drug by hydrolyzing the glucuronide metabolites. The Thermo Scientific CEDIA panel of drugs of abuse assays is ever expanding to address emerging drug trends and testing needs.