Calibration Points (ISE)

Calibration Points (pH)

Control Type

Depth (English) Cover

Depth (English) NEMA 4X

Depth (Metric) Card Cage

Depth (Metric) Cover

Depth (Metric) NEMA 4X

Detector Type

Diameter (English) Body

Diameter (Metric) Body

Height (English) Cover

Height (English) NEMA 4X

Height (Metric) Cover

Height (Metric) NEMA 4X


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    Length (English) Cable

    Length (Metric)

    Length (Metric) Cable

    NIST Traceable

    No. per Pack

    Power Consumption



    Solution Type

    Temperature Range (English)

    Temperature Range (Metric)


    Width (English) Cover

    Width (English) NEMA 4X

    Width (Metric) Cover

    Width (Metric) NEMA 4X


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    This product has been discontinued however we continue to provide services and support for this product.

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