Human Plateable Hepatocytes, 5-Donor Gibco™

These '5-Donor' Human Plateable Hepatocytes are a pooled population of primary hepatocytes produced by combining cells from 5 individual donors in a single vial. Pooling donors helps to minimize lot-to-lot variation and improves predictability of drug metabolism studies and other biological assays.

• Pure, highly viable, plateable hepatocytes
• Lot-specific characterization data
• Thawing and plating process compatible with existing protocols

Each lot is tested for:
• Attachment efficiency
• Monolayer formation and integrity
• Confluency >80% on Day 2
• Tested for plating in 96 well format
• Phase I enzyme activities
• Levels of CYP1A2, CYP2B6, and CYP3A4 induction (mRNA)
• Monolayer formation in medium with and without HepExtend (A2737501) supplement

Consistent cell attachment
High-quality plateable primary hepatocytes with high viabilities, proper cell morphology, and metabolic activity increase the ability to draw in vitro/in vivo correlations and make sound decisions regarding a compound’s fate. Experienced technicians and proprietary isolation techniques combined with stringent release specifications ensure you receive the highest quality cryopreserved hepatocytes.

5 donors in a single vial
The cells are provided in a cryopreserved format similar to single donor plateable hepatocytes and have been shown to have approximately equal representation of each donor when plated.

Verified activity
Every lot of pooled plateable hepatocytes is tested for Phase I enzyme activity, cell viability, plating efficiency, and morphology.