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Plastic Spill-Free Slide Jar (Thermo Scientific™)

Hold 10 slides, one per slot with the Thermo Scientific™ Plastic Spill-Free Slide Jar.

Plastic Slide Boxes (Thermo Scientific™)

Store a lot of slides in a little space with these durable boxes.

ColorStack Storage System (Thermo Scientific™)

Achieve higher levels of organization when archiving slides with Thermo Scientific™ ColorStack Storage Systems.

Slide and Block Cabinets (Thermo Scientific™)

Form an integrated storage system with stackable Thermo Scientific™ Slide and Block Cabinets, constructed of steel and finished in solvent-proof paint.

RA Lamb Slide Filing Location Slips (Thermo Scientific™)

Identify the location of slides removed from cabinets with detailed, colored Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb Slide Filing Location Slips.

RA Lamb Horizontal Slide Filing Cabinets (Thermo Scientific™)

Store up to 1230 76 x 26mm slides in these horizontal filing cabinets.

RA Lamb Slide Trays and Racks (Thermo Scientific™)

Store up to 100 microscope slides with these slide trays and racks.

Stackable Slide Storage Cabinet (Thermo Scientific™)

Hold up to 5000 standard 3 × 1″ (75 × 26mm) microscope slides in the Thermo Scientific™ Stackable Slide Storage Cabinet. Finished in beige baked enamel and complete with drawers.

Shandon™ Slide Holder, 10 Slide Capacity (Thermo Scientific™)

Store 10 slides verticially with the Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Slide Holder.

Cardboard Slide Folders (Thermo Scientific™)

Store up to 48 75 x 26mm (3 in. x 1 in.) microscope slides in these cardboard folders.

RA Lamb Slide Wallet Filing Cabinets (Thermo Scientific™)

Store up to 1800 slide wallets in these slide wallet fIling cabinets.

Plastic Slide Folders (Thermo Scientific™)

Easily color-code your slides with these plastic slide folders, available in a variety of colors.

RA Lamb Plastic Slide Box, holds 100 slides (Thermo Scientific™)

Store up to 100 microscope slides in this slide box.

Slide File Storage System (Thermo Scientific™)

Save space by storing materials in the stackable Thermo Scientific™ Slide File Storage System.

RA Lamb BlockStore Storage Options for the LabStack Storage System (Thermo Scientific™)

Store lab supplies that don't typically fit in standard-size compartments with this versatile, expandable system.