Nunc™ 1.8mL Externally-Threaded Universal Tubes Thermo Scientific™

Use versatile Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 1.8 mL Externally-threaded Universal Tubes either inside a large storage system, or in smaller scale when used for traditional cryostorage in dewars. Available racked or in bulk, with 2D barcodes or non-coded.

Nunc™ 2.0mL Internally-Threaded Universal Tubes Thermo Scientific™

Experience the best features of the Thermo Scientific™ storage tube portfolio: universal cap, universal latch rack and free-standing tube. This versatile, 2.0mL internally threaded tube is ideal both for a large storage system like a biobank, and in smaller scale for traditional cryostorage.

Nunc™ Biobanking and Cell Culture Cryogenic Tubes Thermo Scientific™

Store samples from general cold storage to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen with Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Biobanking and Cell Culture Cryogenic Tubes, available with either internal or external threads.

Dense Storage Options Thermo Scientific™

Double your cryobank storage capacity and cut storage costs by 50%. The Thermo Scientific™ Dense Storage Options use standard CryoBoxes™ with 13 x 13 tube separators and fit 169 1mL tubes in a single CryoBox™. These standard-sized boxes are compatible with existing standard-sized lab freezer racks.

Dense Storage Racks for Chest ULTs and Cryo Storage Thermo Scientific™

A convenient, streamlined process to maximize sample storage in your laboratory. Thermo Scientific™ Dense Storage Racks for Chest ULTs and Cryo Storage are designed to hold tubes ranging from 200μL up to 5.

Nunc™ Low Profile 5.0mL Externally-Threaded Universal Tubes

Meet your tracking and packaging requirements for solid or liquid sample storage with Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Low-Profile 5.0mL Externally-Threaded Universal Tubes. A robust solution for solid or liquid sample storage, tubes feature 2D barcodes, graduations, a white patch for labeling, and a...

Cryo Vial Closure Color Coders Thermo Scientific™

Make it possible to identify specific vials quickly and simplify your inventory using color coders that fit into the top of Nalgene™ Cryogenic vial closures or Nunc™ Cryogenic Tube closures.

Nunc™ Bank-It™ Vial Systems Thermo Scientific™

Handle and store samples expertly with Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Bank-It™ Vial Systems, featuring laser etched 2D barcodes and standard microplate format racks; accommodating denser storage capability compared to standard CryoBoxes™.

Nunc™ Cryobank and Bank-It™ Freezer Rack Thermo Scientific™

Hold nineteen 0.5mL cryobank racks or thirteen 1.0mL cryobank racks with the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Cryobank and Bank-It™ Vial Rack.

Nunc™ Non-Coded Cryobank Vial Systems Thermo Scientific™

Store diagnostic and biological samples down to vapor-phase liquid nitrogen in Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Non-Coded Cryobank Vial Systems, compatible with capping/decapping equipment and labeling options. Cryobank products are available in a volume range of 0.5L through 5.

Nunc™ CryoTube™ Colored Caps Thermo Scientific™

Color-code your sample vials. Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ CryoTube™ Colored Caps are for use with Nunc internally threaded CryoTube vials and include a silicone gasket to provide the best seal. Nunc CryoTubes are the most widely used cryo vials in the world, stemming from the first cryo vials...

CryoTube™ Holders Thermo Scientific™

Expand the functionality of cryogenic tube products with Thermo Scientific™ CryoTube™ Holders — benchtop tube and vial containers for single-handed capping and decapping. The product range includes Nalgene™ and Nunc™ containers in various sizes and compartment configurations.

Storage Tube Protection Thermo Scientific™

Give your cryogenic storage tubes and vials extra protection when needed with Thermo Scientific™ Storage Tube Protection accessories. For example, safeguard your samples when storing in liquid or vapor phase nitrogen, or when shipping samples.

Cryoware Permanent Markers and Pens Thermo Scientific™

Permanently notate samples and storage boxes with Thermo Scientific™ Cryoware Permanent Markers and Pens, which can easily withstand cold storage temperatures.

Forma™ FDE Series Ultra-Low Temperature GP Freezers Thermo Scientific™

Part of the Standard Performance (STP) family, Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ FDE Series ultra-low temperature freezers, powered by H-drive, feature four upright models, maximizing storage capacity from 30,000 up to 60,000 2 mL vials.
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