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Cimarec+™ Hotplate Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Get exceptional safety and temperature performance for your routine protocols.

Super-Nuova™ Digital Hotplates (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure accurate and stable temperature setpoints with microprocessor-controlled Thermo Scientific™ Super-Nuova™ Digital Hotplates, which feature electronic feedback.

Labquake™ Tube Shaker/Rotators (Thermo Scientific™)

Mix blood samples, prepare homogenous dispersions and perform liquid-liquid extractions withThermo Scientific™ Labquake™ Tube Shaker/Rotators.

RT Hotplates (Thermo Scientific™)

Fulfill all of your heating application needs with the superior performance, smart design and built-in safety features of Thermo Scientific™ RT Hotplates.

MaxQ™ HP Incubated Tabletop Orbital Shaker, 120V 60Hz, 6.5A or 230V 50/60Hz, 3.2A (Thermo Scientific™)

Hold six 2L flasks and allow sample viewing without disturbing chamber atmosphere with Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ HP Incubated Tabletop Orbital Shakers.

Cimarec™ i Telesystem Multipoint Stirrers (Thermo Scientific™)

Conduct applications with aggressive media in high-humidity environments with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ i Telesystem Multipoint Stirrers.

MaxQ™ HP Tabletop Orbital Shaker (Thermo Scientific™)

Operate this tabletop orbital shaker in reach-in incubators, environmental rooms or on lab benches.

Large Volume Stirrer (Thermo Scientific™)

Reach speeds of up to 2400rpm with the Thermo Scientific™ Large Volume Stirrer, featuring a corrosion-resistant polished stainless-steel construction.

Cimarec+™ Stirrer Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Get precise stirring control for your routine protocols.

MaxQ™ 4000 Benchtop Orbital Shakers (Thermo Scientific™)

Combine the convenience of a benchtop design with orbital shaking technology in one package with Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 4000 Benchtop Orbital Shakers.

MaxQ™ HP Incubated and Refrigerated Console Shakers (Thermo Scientific™)

Perform shaking applications on 4L and 6L flasks with these incubated and refrigerated console shakers,which feature a foot pedal and large viewing window.

MaxQ™ 2506 Reciprocating Shaker (Thermo Scientific™)

Conduct chemical extractions, blood sample mixing and silver staining of polyacrylamide gels with these reciprocating shakers.

SuperNuova+™ Hotplate Series (Thermo Scientific™)

Get reliable performance, dependable safety and simple operation.

RT Stirring Hotplates (Thermo Scientific™)

Precisely and repeatedly heat samples with these hotplates, which offer simple operation, electronic temperature control and built-in safety features for superior performance.

Cimarec™ Biosystem Direct Slow Speed Stirrer (Thermo Scientific™)

Ensure reliability, safety and performance with Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Biosystem Direct Slow Speed Stirrers, designed for demanding cell culture applications.