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Application Note: Control of Contamination Associated with PCR and Other Amplification Reactions

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What is on the Mouse 430A and what is on the Mouse 430B Arrays?


The Mouse 430A chip contains primarily probe sets against well annotated full-length genes. The Mouse 430B chip contains probe sets against gene clusters containing only EST sequences and some gene clusters with non-EST sequences.

Classification: Mouse 430A: Mouse 430B
Full Lengths: 14,484: 0
Full Length End and Strong Evidence for Polyadenlation: 6839: 0
Strong Evidence for Polyadenylation: 2408: 0
Full Length End: 4452: 0
Consensus End: 785: 0
Non-ESTs (excluding Full Lengths): 3771: 5679
Strong Evidence for Polyadenylation: 1880: 1510
Consensus End: 1891: 4169
ESTs: 4371: 16732
Strong Evidence for Polyadenylation: 3362: 4979

Library Coverage >1
Evidence for Polyadenylation > 1: 260: 11509
Single Evidence for Polyadenylation: 50: 51
No Direct Evidence for Polyadenylation: 108: 37

Single Library Coverage
Evidence for Polyadenylation > 1: 28: 7
Single Evidence for Polyadenylation: 297: 85
No Direct Evidence for Polyadenylation: 266: 64

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Class II GSSP Selection Guide

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SGD-O Gauge - User Manual

Version: FEB.2016
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Monoclonal antibody 14C5 targets integrin α(v)β(3)

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  • Journal: MOLECULAR CANCER THERAPEUTICS 2008 12:3771-3779

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Reference: Assay Index File v17 for miRNA (excel)

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Additional Document: Reference Bibliography for Amplitaq and AmpliTaq Gold 2005-05-06 v1.1

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TNF-Alpha Rec. Human_man

Version: 03May2011
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PHC3015L (TDS)

Version: 2.00
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