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Alexa Fluor 546, SIM

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BioProbes 76 Journal of Cell Biology Applications

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フライヤー: Prolong / Slowfade シリーズ

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Fibrinogen Conjugates

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Brochure: Finding Answers Before You Even Know The Questions – Pesticide Analysis in Food and Beverages Application Compendium

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Brochure: Invitrogen Prolong and Slowfade Antifades (Japanese)

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Motorized RhoGAP myosin IXb (Myo9b) controls cell shape and motility.

  • Authors: Hanley PJ, Xu Y, Kronlage M, Grobe K, Schön P, Song J, Sorokin L, Schwab A, Bähler M,
  • Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2010) 107:12145-12150
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