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Alexa Fluor 680, STORM

Citations & References

4D super-resolution microscopy with conventional fluorophores and single wavelength excitation in optically thick cells and tissues.

  • Authors: Baddeley D, Crossman D, Rossberger S, Cheyne JE, Montgomery JM, Jayasinghe ID, Cremer C, Cannell MB, Soeller C,
  • Journal: PLoS One (2011) 6:e20645-e20645
  • PubMed ID: 21655189

Citations & References

Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy with standard fluorescent probes.

  • Authors: van de Linde S, Löschberger A, Klein T, Heidbreder M, Wolter S, Heilemann M, Sauer M,
  • Journal: Nat Protoc (2011) 6:991-1009
  • PubMed ID: 21720313
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