Super Bright 780

Comparable to Brilliant Violet 786 conjugates

Invitrogen eBioscience Super Bright 780 antibody conjugates for flow cytometry provide:

Multiplexing with Super Bright 780 antibody conjugates

Multiplexing compatibility Buffer Multiplexing considerations
Multiplexing with 1 Super Bright antibody conjugate Standard buffers applicable No special buffer required when only one Super Bright antibody conjugate is used in a panel
Multiplexing with 2 or more Super Bright antibody conjugates Super Bright Staining Buffer Special staining buffer is required prior to addition of Super Bright conjugates to reduce non-specific dye-dye interactions
Multiplexing with 1 or more Brilliant Violet™ antibody conjugates Super Bright Staining Buffer Special staining buffer is required to reduce non-specific dye-dye interactions. Use of the Super Bright Staining Buffer is recommended, but the similar Brilliant Stain Buffer can be substituted
Viability stain options Product Multiplexing considerations
Fixable LIVE/DEAD fixable dead cell stain kits No compatibility concerns
Non-fixable SYTOX non-fixable dead cell stains

Ready Flow Ready-to-use viability reagents
No compatibility concerns

Compatible with all Ready Flow reagents for viability
Product Multiplexing considerations
UltraComp eBeads microspheres UltraComp eBeads microspheres are compatible but OneComp eBeads are not compatible with violet lasers; the AbC Total Antibody Compensation Bead Kit is also compatible with the Super Bright antibody conjugates.
Staining Target Product Multiplexing considerations
Cytosolic staining
Intracellular Fixation & Permeabilization Buffer Set No compatibility concerns
Nuclear staining
(transcription factors) 
Foxp3/Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Set No compatibility concerns
Staining performance and post-fixation stability

Figure 4. Staining performance and post-fixation stability. Human peripheral blood cells stained with CD8a antibody conjugated to Super Bright 780 (Cat. No. 78-0088-41) and analyzed immediately (red) or subjected to different fixation buffers per the recommended protocol: (A) eBioscience Foxp3 / Transcription Factor Staining Buffer Set (Cat. No. 00-5523-00), (B) eBioscience IC Fixation Buffer (Cat. No. 00-8222-49), or (C) eBioscience IC Fixation Buffer followed by 30 minutes in 90% methanol and were analyzed at 30 min (blue), overnight (orange) or after 3 days (green).