AmpliSeq HD Showcase
Custom library amplification technology uniquely sensitive to your needs

Ion AmpliSeq HD technology is a new amplicon-based library preparation technology for Ion Torrent next-generation sequencing (NGS) that gives you the power to design your own panels and find variants with a low limit of detection—down to 0.1% for cell-free DNA samples. This revolutionary technology enables researchers to routinely get answers when ultrahigh sensitivity is required, such as when detecting low-frequency alleles in circulating tumor DNA or trace pathogenic microbial species in blood.

Combined with the Ion GeneStudio S5 sequencers, Ion AmpliSeq HD panels offer a flexible targeted-NGS solution for:

  • Cancer research
  • Infectious disease research
  • Microbial studies
  • Gene expression studies

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Amplexa Genetics from Denmark discusses how the ultrahigh sensitive Ion AmpliSeq HD custom gene panels are used to test the hypothesis that causative genetic variants for inherited diseases that often fall into the category of “de novo mutations” are sometimes the result of undetected mosaicism in the parents.

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How does Ion AmpliSeq HD technology work?

Ion AmpliSeq HD technology leverages unique molecular tags, or UMTs, and the made-to-order design pipeline in Ion AmpliSeq Designer to help deliver results with ultrahigh sensitivity.

Watch the video below to learn more about this novel technology.

Unmatched sensitivity for your research

As genetic research rapidly evolves, the ability to confidently detect low-frequency variants or quantitate transcript-level expression is becoming more critical to the development of NGS assays with ultrahigh sensitivity. Ion AmpliSeq HD panels have been shown to achieve a 0.1% limit of detection for cell-free DNA samples, with >99% specificity for SNVs, hotspots, indels, CNVs, and fusions. Ion AmpliSeq HD panels support both DNA and RNA samples and require as little as 1 ng nucleic acids input from FFPE samples.

LOD data
Figure 1. Amplicon coverage and input material determine limit of detection using Ion AmpliSeq HD panels.

Rapid two-day targeted NGS workflow

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  • Library prep (Ion AmpliSeq HD Library Kit, Ion AmpliSeq HD Dual Barcode Kit)
  • Automated template prep (Ion Chef System)


  • Ion GeneStudio S5 Systems


  • Torrent Suite Software
  • Ion Reporter Software
  • Oncomine Knowledgebase Software