Improve your preanalytical workflows

Before conducting an analysis of cells, proteins or nucleic acid, researchers must ensure high
quality inputs. Preanalytical workflows can be improved by having automated purification instruments integrated with magnetic bead-based separation. MagMAX and KingFisher workflows are designed to provide consistent and high-quality nucleic acid extraction, purification, and isolation for various application areas, resulting in reliable and reproducible results. Download free application notes, view application specific workflows, and learn how to extract samples, isolate analytes and deliver pure results for your research.

Resources to start your infectious disease and oncology research

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Explore automation-friendly workflows for infectious disease and oncology research

MagMAX and KingFisher products offer versatility in oncology and infectious disease workflows by providing reliable and efficient nucleic acid extraction for downstream applications, such as detection of viral and bacterial pathogens or analysis of cancer biomarkers.

Gastrointestinal and respiratory microbes virtual rendering

Optimized workflows for infectious disease research

MagMAX and KingFisher solutions are designed to fit the needs of infectious disease researchers. From nucleic acid purification products to targeted workflows for respiratory disease, sexual and urinary health, and gastrointestinal pathogens, we provide a comprehensive range of technologies to support your research.

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Cancer cells that could be biopsied

Molecular biology workflows for oncology research

Optimized MagMAX and KingFisher research solutions offer reliable prenalytical workflows for solid tumor, liquid biopsy, and hematology. From nucleic acid purification to downstream analysis, our comprehensive menu of solutions supports oncology surveillance research and helps researchers reach new discoveries.

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Maximize KingFisher automated purification systems for multiple applications

Discover how Thermo Fisher Scientific KingFisher systems can empower your research—from detection of infectious disease pathogens to cell-free DNA to detection of proteins for use in downstream applications.

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Infectious disease research resources

Find resources for infectious disease research in pathogen, yeast, and fungal targets across GI, STI, RTI, and UTI applications for flexible throughput needs. Leverage our research studies to help support any research laboratory process.

Infectious disease research

This study illustrates broad profiling in sexually transmitted infection causing microorganisms.

Application note: Evaluation and characterization of microorganisms that cause STIs

This study illustrates one simple end-to-end workflow that allows for broad profiling or targeting testing research in sexually transmitted infections.

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This study illustrates how dried blood spot (DBS) samples can be used in a detection workflow for various pathogen types.

Application note: Dried blood spots for HIV-1 RNA integrase genotyping research

Discover insights on the usefulness and efficiency of dried blood spot samples in resource-limited and remote regions.

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MagMAX Microbiome provides high yielding nucleic acids from gastrointestinal samples

Infographic: Isolate GI microbes efficiently with MagMAX and KingFisher technology

Automated workflow for gastrointestinal pathogen detection using MagMAX and KingFisher platforms.

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Technical Note: Versatile solutions for infectious disease research with MagMAX Prime Viral/Pathogen NA Isolation Kit

Review various workflow solutions with the MagMAX Prime Kit that meets clinical research needs across five infectious disease applications: RTIs, STIs, UTIs, BBIs and GIs.

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Solid tumor and liquid biopsy research resources

Advance your oncology research with our solid and liquid biopsy resources. We offer a range of technologies and solutions to help overcome challenges in time, sample preservation and more, with a focus on accelerating the path from discovery to potential clinical translation. Explore our studies and educational resources to learn more.

Cancer workflows

This study showcases a novel method for FFPE deparaffinization

Application note: A convenient, solvent-free deparaffinization method for FFPE sample preparation

Explore an innovative deparaffinization method for FFPE which removes need for harmful chemical use and tedious steps while helping reduce tissue loss, hands-on time, and improving time to results.

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This study illustrates concordance between plasma liquids biopsy and solid tumor samples.

Application note: Mutation detection in matched tissue and plasma biopsies

Examine sample quality and mutation-calling concordance with FFPE and cell free plasma samples.


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Next-generation sequencing analysis of low-frequency mutations from cell-free DNA

Application note: NGS sequencing analysis of low frequency mutations from cfDNA

Discover how researchers can enable multi-biomarker analysis with the end-to-end workflow shown in this study.


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This study used analytical methods to assess the quality of liquid biopsy NGS samples from initial sample preparation through NGS analysis. The results demonstrate that reduced sample input into NGS libraries increases small byproducts and reduces molecular coverage.

Poster: Liquid biopsy quality control


This study reviews how to improve plasma quality, sample preparation, and library input for next generation sequencing analysis of liquid biopsy samples.

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