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Celebrating 60 Years of Defining Moments in Cell Culture. Since 1962, we have been empowering progress in bioprocessing around the world. Our pioneering end-to-end products, process development and customization services can help maximize productivity while reducing costs and time to market. Whether you are developing a vaccine or need help scaling up, our dedicated team will keep you at the forefront of the evolving bioprocessing industry.

Gibco CHO Media

We offer high-performing CHO media designed to optimize your workflow, including media that is chemically defined, animal origin–free, serum-free, and more.


Custom and Media Manufacturing Services

We can manufacture customized media or your formulation for production, provide non-GMP media prototyping, and create custom packaging, supporting your entire media manufacturing journey.


Gibco Peptones

Enhance performance and reduce serum with our extensive portfolio of animal origin and animal origin–free peptones that can supplement a variety of cell culture media.


Gibco Media by Design Services

Discover our range of customized solutions and services to help empower you to meet your project goals. From antibodies to advanced therapies, collaborate with our knowledgeable and experienced team.


Media Formats

From liquid and dry powder media to our innovative, proprietary Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT) dry format, discover the media formats that can accelerate your workflow.


Virus Expression

Browse our catalog of high-performing media, feeds, and supplements to support your vaccines and viral vector needs, such as our innovative serum-free and serum-reduced media.


Feeds and Supplements

Get the most out of your cells and learn more about our range of feeds and supplements that can enhance your cell culture up to a 2- to 5-fold increase over batch culture.


Stable Cell Line Development

Move your workflow from cell line to process development with cGMP compliant products that can simplify your workflow and accelerate your process to commercial manufacture.


Cell Culture Serum

Trusted by customers worldwide as a result of its high quality, reliability, traceability, and award-winning support, learn where Gibco serum can support your processes.


Functional Additives

Designed to enhance your process development from beginning to end, discover the functional additives that can accelerate your bioprocessing workflow.


Cell Therapy

Advancing your cell therapy product to clinical applications requires careful material selection and thoughtful process development.


Gene Therapy

With our flexible gene therapy solutions, we can help you scale up as you grow for clinical and cGMP manufacturing.


Gibco CTS DynaCellect

A closed, automated isolation, activation, and bead removal system for cell therapy development and manufacturing.


Facility Tours

Learn more about our facilities and take a 360° tour of any one of our cell culture media manufacturing sites.


Secure your supply of Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT) products - Immediate shipping now available

AGT is the most advanced, scalable, dry powder media format available for cell culture on the market today.

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Assurance of supply

We strive to support industry growth by investing in capacity and quality systems for a reliable supply of critical materials.